Music Show #37 – 3/8 & 3/10/2017 – The Song Within Your Heart

These are songs that encourage us to get in tune with the Song within our heart.

Song #1 You’ve Always Got Song – Even when all seems lost the Song is always there. If we listen very carefully we may be able to find a way to sing along.

Song #2 “The Sound Within Your Heart” – If we can get in touch with the sound within our hearts then it may well set us free.

Song #3 “It’s Only a Song” – “If you try to put it in a box she will only disappear. If you try to grasp it in your hand you’ll think that it was never there.”

Song #4 She’s Calling You” – A call to come back to your center; back to your home.

Song #5 “Quietly” – Sometimes if we drift away from being the person that we’d prefer to be, we need a quiet voice that will guide us back.

Song #6 “Back to Your Heart” – A simple invite to come back to your heart after going astray.

Song #7 Open Up Your Heart” – Opening our hearts to the realization that life and love are one.

Song #8 The Song is Love” – Each of us will make choices about which song we’ll choose to sing in life. One of those choices is a song of love.

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