Music Show #31 – 1/25/ & 1/27/2017 – The Big Love

Songs about the universal love that is the foundation of a truly fulfilling life.

Song #1 The Big Love – The Big Love is the love that the universe so bountifully offers to each of us.  The love that will allow us to be more in tune with the “music of the spheres.”

Song #2 “Take Your Love to the Beach” – An encouraging song that invites us all to add our love to the ubiquitous sea of love that the universe thrives on.

Song #3 “No Big Words Here” – Sometimes keeping things simpler and sincere is best.

Song #4 Give My Love To” – A shout out to the universe for some help to better understand my love and then how to share it.

Song #5 “Keep Your Eyes On It” – Keep your eyes on the love you want to become.

Song #6 “Subtleties of Love” – If we can come to know the true subtleties of love, then maybe love will come to know us.

Song #7 Life’s the River, Love’s the Sea” – A song about the joyous moment when life and music just flow along in time.

Song #8 Our Love Will Give Us Love” – This song ponders the question. Is it possible that as we give our love we are also creating a reserve of love that we can call upon in the future?

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