Music Show #30 – 1/18/ & 1/20/2017 – A New Czar is Crowned

Songs about the inauguration of Donald Trump.

Song #1 Words Can Say a Lot – A hopeful song at a time of great uncertainty.

Song #2 “Don’t Live in the Past” – A song about taking the time to evaluate what we’ve been holding onto from our past and determining if those things remain true to who we want to be today.

Song #3 “Makin’ Us All Look Nuts” – A song about when our leaders make us look nuts to people around the world.

Song #4 You’ve Made Your Choice Now Own It” – Life is full of decisions and if we discover that we’ve made a mistake we just need to own it and work towards correcting it.

Song #5 “Have You Heard the Absurd” – A song that asks us all to decide how we will respond to politicians that make demagogic statements.  It’s easy for us to look in hindsight and see some of the bad decisions that were made in the past, but now it’s our time.

Song #6 “Oh, America” – A song that simply asks us if we’ve forgotten about the many liberties that so many Americans have fought and died to protect.

Song #7 Stand Up and Be Your Love” – This is a song that calls for a renewed effort by us to stand up and share our love.  Perhaps, by doing so, we can bring about some changes to make this world a little better for everyone.

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