Music Show #136 –2/1/2019 – Telling Our Stories – Part 17: “The Choir Boy’s Muzzle”

This month’s story: The Choir Boy’s Muzzle” – The lesson of this story is: Even if you try to keep a young boy’s spirit down, keeping him muzzled forever will be a difficult task.

Song #1 “I’m Still Singin’ Baby” – A celebratory song about the joys of doing what you love to do.

Song #2 “It’s Not the End of the World” – There may be some days when we’re knocked down, mocked out, flipped off or laughed at, but “it’s not the end of the world.”

Song #3 “O’ Jerusalem (City of Peace)” – A prayerful song for finding a path to peace in Jerusalem.

Song #4 “My Sister’s Got Perfect Pitch” – There is more to life than having perfect pitch or being the smartest person or being the most beautiful person.

Song #5 It’s Time to Sing What’s on Your MindA song about the day when you realized that it was time for you “sing what’s on your mind.”

Song #6 Gonna Sing ItAn upbeat positive song that encourages us to sing our Song with all our might.

Song #7 I Enjoy Singing My SongsA little ditty from forty five years ago.

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