Music Show #120 –10/12/2018 – Inspirational Lives: Episode 1 – Elise and Otto Hampel

The first show in a series dedicated to individuals who have lived inspirational lives.

This week’s show is dedicated to Elise and Otto Hampel, a couple who did what they could to resist the Nazi regime and after more than two years of frustrating the SS were captured and executed.

Song #1 “It’s Time for an Evolution” – A universal love song that reminds us that as we move ahead we need to strive to become the best human beings that we can be.

Song #2 “Just Do What You Can” – A simple song that encourages us to just do what we can to make things better in this world.

Song #3 “Can You Hear the Bells of Freedom?” – A song in support of the people who are willing to stand up and fight to protect their liberties.

Song #4 “Someday” – A hopeful song that assures us that even on those darkest days we’ll someday see the light and realize our love.

Song #5 Get Back Our LandOur endeavors to build a healthier planet will thwart those efforts that hope to hamper any progress.

Song #6 “We Are” – A simple reminder that we have a responsibility to play an active part in the world that we want to be a part of.

Song #7 “Rise Above” – With our loving efforts we can rise above the human behaviors that keep us steeped in a mindset that is not good for our own well being,

Song #6 “Gonna Sing Until I’m Done” – “Until I melt into the sun.”

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