Music Show #12 – 9/14/ & 9/16/2016 – Staying True to Oneself.

Music Show #12 at

Song #1 “Stay True” – A simple song about staying true to oneself.

Song #2 “You’ll Need Your Love Tomorrow” – A song that reminds us that if our anger should start to consume us we need to do our best to hang onto our love.

Song #3 “Fly Towards Your Purpose” – We each have our purpose here and we need to be careful that at some point we don’t start to “pivot” towards the expectations of others.

Song #4 “Be Yourself”  Nothing more needs to be said.

Song #5 “Play It Pure” – Play it from your heart and less to meet the demands of the audience.

Song #6 “Let Your Love Be You” – “Let your love be your sunlight. Let your love be your compass. Let your love… let your love be you.”

Song #7 “Part of You” – We are part of IT all and all of IT is part of us.

Song #8 “Who You Are” – A fun, upbeat song that encourages us all to realize that if we can sing our songs honestly and live our lives sincerely then our experience here will be much fuller.

Underwriter of The Fresh Toones Music Show

Underwriter of The Fresh Toones Music Show

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