Music Show #11 – 9/7/ & 9/9/2016 – Autobiographical songs.

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Song #1 “Thirty Long Years and More” – A joyful, happy song about the struggles and rewards of being a songwriter. Always be true to your song and you’ll always be where you belong.

Song #2 “Ridin’ This Train” – My experiences of growing up and living in the USA are re-examined on this surrealistic train trip across the country and through history.

Song #3 “I’m Still Singing” – A celebratory song about the joys of doing what you love to do.

Song #4 “Movin’ Kinda Slow” – Sometimes moving a little slower than the normal pace of most people can actually gets you to the place that you want to be quicker.

Song #5 “Brown Paper Sack” – My very first song.  Written in early 1971.

Song #6 “Just an Underground Hippie” – I’ve never been much interested in groupthink and this was how I navigated the sixties. I never spoke the lingo, never got into drugs, but I could relate to what a lot of folks were searching for and I learned a lot from that time of my life.

Song #7 “I Grew Up in a Regular Family” – At the age of 22 years old I began to reassess what was meant by the “regular” tenets that I was brought up on.

Song #8 “I Still Believe It’s True” – A love song about the lasting believe that our love can continue grow and become clearer with our sincere efforts.

Underwriter of The Fresh Toones Music Show

Underwriter of The Fresh Toones Music Show

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