Music Show #116 – 9/14/18 – 1970s Songs Around the Campfire

Songs recorded with friends in the 1970s.

Song #1 “Peaceful Easy Feeling”– (Jack Tempchin) Recorded by the Eagles.

Song #2 “I Ain’t Gonna Shout Anymore” – (Fresh Toone / Dave Puls) A protest song stemming from the societal pressures of the early 1970s.

Song #3 “Come Walk with Me” – (Jane Held) A group sing-a-long of an old friend’s song.

Song #4 “Not Mine to Give” – (Fresh Toone / Dave Puls)  A youthful, searching love song.

Song #5 “Glendale Train” – (John C. Dawson –  New Riders of the Purple Sage) Performed by the New Cotton Hollow Band.

Song #6 “Why Can’t We Be Happy?” – (Fresh Toone / Dave Puls) A simple song first performed on a visit to Los Angeles.


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