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Derby Rocz Episode #65

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Episode #65 -Whakatāne, Victoria and Nantes

Joined by the Divison 2 WFTDA Wichita 2nd place winners Blue Ridge Derbygirls #00 Brutal, #155 Hurry, #5 Lady Rider (All Stars Captain) and #88 Dr. OctoPushy. We talk about the past season and going to Champs November 4-6 for the WFTDA Division 2 tournament finals.

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Derby Rocz Episode #63

Episode 63 – I Don’t Even Know Any More
Hater is feeling the love, Farrah is super-crazy-ultra productive now that she’s unemployed, Cash is enjoying his 29th birthday and Shockin’ pulled her quad on quads. Our rule of the week, 5.9ish, explores stop blocks and why it’s important to keep your wheels rolling. Crashiopeia of The Charlottesville Derby Dames channels Baymax on the track and talks with us about her team’s 2015 and 2016 tournament experiences. The song of the week, The Wolf by Rancid, comes from RCRD’s Shazam. Blue two seven, stand.

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Derby Rocz Episode #62

Episode 62 – Caffeine Headache
Hater is stuck in a maze, Farrah is excited about her derby/physics fame on Google, Cash is sending healing vibes to his foot and Shockin’ is doing battle with tiny, armored, evil monsters.
This week’s rule, 1.3, gives newbies an intro to how win at roller derby. Easy Break Oven from Calgary Roller Derby Association nerds out about the science of derby and reminds us of the importance of the words, “Don’t blink.” The song of the week, Jesus Built My Hotrod by Ministry, comes to us from Torque Chop of Flour City Fear. Blue two seven, done.

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Derby Rocz Episode #61

Episode 61 – A Grouping Of Zebras Is Called A Fancy


Shockin’ is very sorry, Hater was not eaten by bears, Farrah is a total space cadet and Cash discovered that derby can be a total pain in the foot. This week’s rule, 9.3.4, ensures that injured skaters are safe before playing a game. Our guest, Chris Schramm of Flour City Fear, tells us about that time he rode a unicorn. The song of the week, Don’t Threaten Me With A Good Time by Panic At The Disco, comes to us from Chris Schramm. Blue two seven, done.

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Derby Rocz Episode #60

Episode 60 – Burritos And Selfies

Shockin’ names guns after her friends, Shazam helps kids find their glass slippers, Farrah plays with just the tip and Cash brings the studio to dark places. This week’s rule, 6.1.1, brings us to the birth of a penalty. Cash takes us back to last week’s D2 tournament and fills us in on all the announcer action. Our song of the week, Peppermint by Lovers, comes to us from Charlene Blankenship. Blue two seven, done.


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Derby Rocz Episode #59

Episode 59 -Cherry Kuchen

We are joined by Boston Roller Derby’s Space Invader.  The Boston Roller derby team is off

to the WFTDA Division 1 Playoffs in Montreal September 2-4th.

Boston Roller Derby Home


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Derby Rocz Episode #58

Episode 58 - It's Going To Be A Girl Fight
Farrah is the 
textbook definition of 'emotional roller coaster,' Hater took a sweat 
box to a fancy party, Shockin is going to have babies and Cash is super 
psyched about next week's hot tub. Amy Holler Bender is with us to talk 
about her work with the Children's Tumor Foundation and her amazing 
daughter. This week's rule is a unique situation from the track 
involving both 3.1.2 and 6.11.9 and why it's not always best to "play 
the cut." We are joined by Andrew Hoefling of Flour City Fear and he 
talks about the excitement surrounding the Fear's home opener this 
weekend. The song of the week, Pork and Beans by Weezer, comes to us 
from RCRD's Post Mortimer. Blue two seven done.

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Derby Rocz Episode #57

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Episode 57-What Was That Cracking Noise
RASP is having a party and raffling off all sorts of prizes 8/13 and
8/14 10AM-9PM at 1044 university ave to try and save the skate park 
check out for details. 

Cash, Farrah and Shockin all had fun, were nerds and hated the heat 
this week! This week's rule is 4.2.1 and helps people know where to 
hit an opponent to avoid the penalty box. BAM-B of Roc City Roller Derby
joins us to talk about her move to Rochester and falling in love with 
derby again. 

The song of the week, Municipal Waste by Unleash The Bastards,  comes to
our from Reini from 13 Bloody Stars. 

blue two seven done.


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Derby Rocz Episode #56

Episode 56 – Viva La Tot

Cash did the derby all week, Hater is staying off the streets, Shockin’ wonders why the derby ever has to end and Farrah loves how a shaved head can cause so much interest. This week’s rule is 5.10.16 and reminds skaters to stay in play while knocking opponents around. Our guests, Terminal-Storm (Terminal Tend and Halestorm) of Roc City Roller Derby, bring their power-couple energy to the show. Cash was announced as one of the announcer of WFTDA Division 2 Playoff in Lansing Michigan. The song of the week, Battle Without Honor by Tomoyasu Hotei, comes to us from Roc City Roller Derby’s Lois Degogh. Blue two seven done.

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