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Derby Rocz Episode #55

Episode 55 -The podcast is stuck, the podcast is stuck, the podcast is stuck

Cash got to third base on the track, Hater played derby in a sweat lodge, Farrah learned all about nipples and Shockin’ opened a hair salon. Slay West of the CNY Allstars talks to us about her long and diverse career in roller derby. The song of the week, America’s Sweetheart by Elle King, comes to us from Harriet Beecher Ass of Roc City Roller Derby.

Blue two seven, done.13781721_412983268872317_146204180421182409_n

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Derby Rocz Episode #54

Episode 54 – Are you a folder or a wadder?

Hater is gonna go tuna-fishing, Shockin did some Pokemon intervals, Cash crafted his announcing opus in Ithaca, and Farrah has snakes in the oven. This week’s rule is 7.2.6 and it’s all about how the jammer can’t score in the box. We have Medusa Mayhem in the studio from Roc City Roller Derby and she tells us how perfectionism keeps her jamming. The song of the week, The Fade Out Line by Phoebe Killdeer comes from Shazbot. Blue two seven done.

Watch the MRDA World Cup at:


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Derby Rocz Episode #52

Episode 52 -come for the liberty bell stay for the cavity search

We are Hater and Farrah-less as we celebrate 52 weeks of this show. That’s right 1 revolution around the suns worth! Now we have been on this staion for 3 weeks but this started as a podcast one year ago. We are joined by Holligans Roller Derby’s General Tso Fine! Also Flour City Fear’s Andrew Hoefling and Roc City Roller Derby’s Apex Predator join us!

If your interested in joining Flour City Fear contact us at!

Don’t forget out blood drive July 23rd at the Bill Gray’s Regional Iceplex 9a-2p.


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Derby Rocz Episode #51

Episode 51 – Hello Mister Blue Sky

Shockin displays her inner Rainbow Dash, Cash is afraid of Bam-Her, Farrah pretends to be a jam ref, and Hater goes Vulcan with a new men’s team skater. This week’s rule is 3.1.1 and tells the story of the pack. Our guest this week is in minerview form from Reini The Rolling’Greaser and he reminds us that roller derby is not just skating and holding hands. The song of the week, Comme Elle Vient by Noir Désir, comes to us from The Rolling’Greaser. Blue two seven done.Our Spotify Playlist:

If you miss the show you can hear it here

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Graduating to the Radio Friday June 24th


The Derby Rocz Podcast started out as a way 4 friends from Rochester Women’s Derby Roc City Roller Derby could talk about the sport they love in a weekly forum.  They started out telling stories about their experiences and encouraging listeners to participate.  Segments with the who’s who in the sport, rules explained and a little bit about the hosts too.  This Friday we move to the airwaves of WRFZ 106.3-LP and we are excited to say the least!  We take questions and hopefully give answers.  Email them to us at and please join us this week and every week at 7p!


Miss the show?  You can hear it here

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