Music Show #111 – 8/10/18 Songs of Resistance

A bevy of anti-Trump /Alt-right resistance songs.

Song #1 “Not in this Dear Old Country of Ours” – A stand up and RESIST song, in memory of Woody Guthrie and Pete Seeger.

Song #2 “Turn Down Your Gas-Light Donny” – A great sing-a-long for those who are frustrated with Trump’s antics.

Song #3 “Going Down the Road Feeling Good” (Woody Guthrie) – New verses to Woody Guthrie’s classic song “Going Down the Road (Feeling Bad.)”

Song #4 “Can You Hear the Bells of Freedom?” – A song originally written in support of the Occupy Movement and “the people’s” efforts to stand up and fight to protect their liberties.

Song #5 “Dark Force” – There is a Dark Force battling for the soul of the United States. It’s the looming shadow of Trump’s negative energy that we must resist.

Song #6 “Words Can Say a Lot” (Dave Puls) – This song was inspired by a quote of Kellyanne Conway  “You always want to go by what is coming out of his mouth rather than what was in his heart.”

 Song #7 “Makin’ Us All Look Nuts” – Donald Trump’s antics and disgraceful behavior has now contributed to an image of America that makes us all look nuts.

Song #8 “One of These Days” – A song dedicated to Martin Luther King Jr., John Lewis, Pete Seeger and the Civil Rights Movement.

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