Music Show #106 – 7/6/2018 – Telling Our Stories: Part 10

Another show in a series dedicated to encouraging us all to share our stories.

This month’s story: Up from the Ground Came a-Bubblin’ Crude” – Sometimes the cover-up can do greater harm than the original crime.

Song #1 “Life’s an Adventure” – A gentle reminder to all of us to try to give back what we can while experiencing life’s adventure.

Song #2 “Remember It All” – An uplifting song that invites us all to take a pause every once in awhile to remember it all.

Song #3 “It’s Been a Long Hard Day” – A song for one of those “long hard days.”

Song #4 “I Apologize” – The perfect non-apology for not doing things the way others may expect you to.

Song #5 Back to Your HeartA song about getting in touch with who we are and who we want to be.

Song #6 “Tell Me Your Story” – A song that encourages us all to tell our stories so we can learn and evolve from what we have to share.


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