Music Show #23 – 11/30/ & 12/2/2016 – A Retro-Listen: 1982

Fresh Toones as performed on the Folkfest Radio Show in 1982.

Song #1 Only a Song –“ Love is only a song and if you try to grasp it in your hands it will only disappear.”

Song #2 “Just Another Season” – A love song that expresses the hope that we can grow together towards the love we’re looking for.

Song #3 “I Want to Believe” – A song that rejects the cynical perspective that love is “a bunch of hooey.”

Song #4 “If I Can Only – A humorous look back at some youthful hopes and dreams. In the end this bouncy song should leave one hopeful for the future when a lot of empty goals are put aside.

Song #5 “Don’t You Cry Now – A comforting song that encourages us to let our tears flow so we can go on to nurture our love.

Song #6 “Long Ways to Go – One of those “we’ve got a long ways to go” songs.

Song #7 “Things” – A song about how the accumulation of too many “things” can sometimes lead to our own demise.

Song #8 “You Made Your Choice So Own It” –We all make choices in our lives, but most importantly we need to take ownership of them. If any of those choices should lead us or our country astray then we have a responsibility to try to resolve them.

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Underwriter of The Fresh Toones Music Show

Underwriter of The Fresh Toones Music Show

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