Music Show #99 – 5/18/2018 Sing Your Song

A show that reminds us that we’ve all got a song to sing.

Song #1 “You’ve Got a Song” – Like a bell that only rings when it swings our songs can only be heard when we sing them in our everyday lives.

Song #2 “Gonna Sing It” – An upbeat positive song that encourages us to sing with all our might.

Song #3 “Stay True” – A simple song about staying true to one’s self.

Song #4 “What You Say” – A reminder to pay attention to what we say, because it’s critical to our development and the person who we’re likely to become.

Song #5 “Who You Are” – A fun, upbeat song that encourages us to realize that the song that we write for ourselves and then sing will allow us to live more fulfilled lives.

Song #6 “Sing Your Song” – No explanation needed.

Song #7 “I Enjoy Singing My Songs” – A short little ditty recorded back in the 1970s.

Song #8 “Gonna Sing Until I’m Done” – “Until I melt into the sun … until I return to whence I’ve come… gonna sing until I’m done.”

Song #9 “Come On and Sing Again” – A song for those days when nothing seems worth singing about.

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