Music Show #97 – 5/4/2018 – Telling our stories: Part 8

Another show in a series dedicated to encouraging us all to share our stories.

This month’s story: Patsy’s Kiss and a Broken Toe” – Misguided attractions can sometimes lead to broken dreams as well as broken toes.

Song #1 “My Sister’s Got Perfect Pitch” – There is more to life than having perfect pitch or being the smartest or being the most beautiful person.

Song #2 “It’s Not the End of the World” – Torn down, mocked out, flipped off, laughed at, but it’s not the end of the world.

Song #3 “If I Could Find Some Way” – Sometimes you’d just like to tell your love ones how much you enjoy being with them.

Song #4 “Turn Around” – “Turn around and find the path that’s you. Turn around and live full on the roads you choose.”

Song #5 Where Your Treasures AreWhat you value most will occupy your mind’s eye.

Song #6 “Can’t Take Today Away From Me” – “Can’t send this smile away. Can’t steal this love that’s inside of me. Can’t hush the song that I hear.”

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