Music Show #94 – 4/13/2018 – Old Songs/New Words

In the tradition of Woody Guthrie, Bob Dylan and many others I have written contemporary words to old familiar tunes.

Song #1 “Going Down the Road Feeling Good” – (original music – Woody Guthrie) New words to encourage good vibes for those struggling to bring about social justice.

Song #2 “We Threw It All Away” – (original music – Bob Dylan) New verses that advocate for a strong defense of our democracy at a time when it seems to be under assault.

Song #3 “When Georgie Goes Marchin’ Home” – (original music – Patrick Sarsfield Gilmore) This song takes us on a surreal tour of the Bush Administration and its many misadventures.

Song #4 “Donald and Omarosa” – (original music – John Prine) A parody that tells the story of Donald Trump and Omarosa.

Song #5 “This Land Needs Care from You and Me” – (original music – Woody Guthrie) A re-write of the famous song “This Land” that emphasizes our need to be better stewards of planet earth.

Song #6 “Rochester Roots Had a Farm” – (Traditional) Some new fun words to a traditional children’s song.

Song #7 “So Long It’s Been Good Know Ya” – (original music – Woody Guthrie) Some new words to one of Woody’s classics from 1940.

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