Music Show #93 – 4/6/2018 – Telling our stories: Part 7

Another show in a series dedicated to encouraging us all to share our stories.

This month’s story: Killer and the Ice Cream Sandwiches” – If you’re not careful an addiction or a fierce German Shephard can kill you.

Song #1 “Life is Strange Enough” – Life is already strange enough without pushing our minds into another realm of distortion.

Song #2 “You Can Do It” – A short uplifting music video with a positive message for all of us.

Song #3 “Remember It All” – A reminder to every once in a while stop and remember it all.

Song #4 “Would You Risk it All?” – A song that asks an important question.

Song #5 It’s Been a Long Hard DayA song written after a long hard day.

Song #6 “Life’s an Adventure” – Oh, yes it is.


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