Music Show #91 – 3/23/2018 – Fresh Toones’ Children Songs

Songs written for and sung by kids.

Song #1 “The Learning Tree” – (lead vocal – Misty Adana Aleyce Browning) A song about how much fun it is to learn things.

Song #2 “Friends Come in All Shapes and Colors” – A song about appreciating the diversity of our friendships.

Song #3 “The World We Want to Live In” – A song written to show our appreciation for all the sacrifices made by the people who struggled for the freedoms that we enjoy today.

Song #4 “Thanks to the Folks” – A thank you song for all of the people who took the risks to lead the way in the struggle for social justice.

Song #5 “We Like to Make Our Movies” – The children sing about the joys of making a movie.

Song #6 “It’s Fun to Do the Impossible” – A song inspired by this Walt Disney quote about the experience of creating animation.

Song #7 “Will Grow with Love” – If we can use our love to visualize what is possible then we might very well be able to one day spread our wings and obtain it.

Song #8 “The Teacher and the Kids’ Fun Song” –  A fun song for students and their teachers.

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