Music Show #87 – 2/23/2018 – The Jane Held Dedication

A show dedicated to remembering Jane Held and some of her beautifully performed songs.

Song #1 “Come Walk with Me” – “On a brisk sunny beach he walked parallel, but afar. I wanted his energy to find mine.”

Song #2 “I’m on Your Side” – “This song arose out of a close girlfriend’s dilemma with her husband.”

Song #3 “How Can You Tell Me You’re Leaving” – “His eyes don’t even meet mine when he says he is leaving… I would ‘follow’ him, but lead my own life as well.”

Song #4 “Your Honey May Do” – A fun creative song. “One concept led to another in the play on words.”

Song #5 “Call Me” – A song from the 70s when some “hippie” friends didn’t even have enough money to have a telephone.

Song #6 “Mother Earth” – “She’s got ways to make us over. To make us understand that we can’t take … away the land.”

Song #7 “Look Out Love” – A love song.

Song #8 “Still Part of My Life” – “We live a different kind of life and I still love you.”


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