Music Show #86 – 2/16/2018 – Get Up and Keep Doing

A show to encourage us all to not take things sitting down, but to rise up and say “no more” when things are being done that are unjust.

Song #1 “I’m Only Doing What Keeps Me Doing” – A happy upbeat song that encourages us all to seek out the things that lift us higher.

Song #2 “You Can Do It” – A short uplifting music video with a positive message for all of us.

Song #3 “Rise Above” – An uplifting song to encourage us to rise above the fray.

Song #4 “Time for an Evolution” – A universal love song that reminds us that as we move ahead we should strive to evolve towards our better self.

Song #5 “Hammer Song” – (Lee Hays & Pete Seeger)

Song #6 “Seize the Moment” – We mustn’t miss the opportunities offered up to us. We need to seize them and give them our best attention.

Song #7 “Nothing Happens” – Even though we may be frustrated that nothing seems to be improving we need to realize that unless we do what we can to help nothing will improve.

Song #8 “You Can Be the Straw” – One person’s efforts can sometimes be the thing that finally shifts public opinion against an injustice that had been previously ignored.

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