Music Show #78 – 12/22/2017 – Hopes for the New Year

Songs to encourage our renewed efforts towards creating a fulfilling future.

Song #1 Raise Your Glass – A toast to the New Year. “Though your days may seem lost to you.  All the love you once knew is still within your view.”

Song #2 “Help Us to Know What Love Is” – A joyful song that requests some assistance in our search to understand what love is.

Song #3 “Keep Your Eyes on It” – Keep your eyes on the love you want to become.

Song #4 “Turn Around” – Sometimes we might need to turn around and find a better path for ourselves.

Song #5 “We’re Looking” – We may be distracted for a long time with the pursuit of many other things, but in the end we are really trying to come to understand our love.

Song #6 “I Wish I Could Know” – I wish I could know what love means. “She’s in your heart … She’s not that far … She’s in your heart for you.”

Song #7 “Sing Your Song” – Most importantly, we need to sing our songs as we pursue our hopes and dreams.

Song #8 “Do Justice to Yourself” – A happy upbeat song that reminds us all to do what’s best for ourselves by making good thoughtful and loving decisions in our lives. We need to become the prophets that we seek.

Song #9 “I Can’t Stop Looking” – A bouncy song about the joys of traveling down the road as we strive to find our love.

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