Music Show #69 – 10/20/2017 – Songs of Self Discovery

Songs about what we sometimes experience in the self discovery process.

Song #1 I’ve Just Begun – A song about how it feels to bring the words that you’ve sung about for years come to life.

Song #2 “I Must Be Crazy” – What it feels like when you just don’t fit in with the normal expected behaviors.

Song #3 “I’m Food Chewin’ Man” – I don’t want anyone else feeding me their wonted ways. I want to find nourishment from sources that speak to me and then I will assimilate whatever contributes to a fulfilling existence.

Song #4 “I Can’t Draw a Circle” – An uplifting song that reminds us that “the most important thing is enjoying what you do.”

Song #5 “If I Could Only” – A humorous look back at some youthful hopes and dreams. In the end this bouncy song should leave one hopeful for the future after a lot of empty goals are put aside.

Song #6 “I Was Lazy” – A song that recalls a time when I preferred to languish in my wasteful ways rather than working for those things that would have been much more rewarding.

Song #7 “Hitched a Ride” – A cautionary tale about the importance of not hitching a ride on someone else’s dream.

Song #8 “I Still Believe It’s True” – A hopeful song about restoring a love that seems to have been forgotten.

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