Music Show #67 – 10/6/2017 – Telling Your Story

We all need to tell our stories. In the process of sharing them we can encourage others do so also and we can widen our human experience.

Song #1 Tell Me Your Story –As we tell our stories we can learn and evolve from our experiences. For all of the resources that we use up during our stay here on planet Earth the least we can do is share what all that energy was used for.

Story #1 David and Goliath: David Misfires and Maims an Innocent” – No matter how threatening the adversary may be, a measured response is often best because innocents may be harmed in the wake of your extreme anger. This can lead to great regrets.

Song #2 “Remembering It All” – “Remember and don’t forget…your love is what you live… love and remember it all.”

Song #3 “Could’ve and Should’ve” – An encouraging song that reminds us to try to limit our regrets by making our best efforts to pursue healthy and creative lives.

Song #4 “Where You Are” – A wishful song of reuniting with someone whom you were once very close to.

Song #5 “I Guess School Never Ends” – A song about how our lives are simply one lifelong class taken to learn how to become one’s self. Life 101.

Song #6 “Stay True” – A simple song about staying true to who you are.

Song #7 “Thirty Long Years and More” – A joyful, happy music video about the struggles and rewards of being a songwriter. Always be true to your song and you’ll always be where you belong.

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