Music Show #65 – 9/22/2017 – Songs from the 70s

These are songs recorded in the 70s. Often they were recorded on cassette, but they have an authenticity about them that I haven’t replicated since.

Song #1 You’ve Got a Friend – (Carole King) A hopeful friendship song.

Song #2 “Simple Twist of Fate” – (Bob Dylan) A duet with Terry Doell on lead guitar.

Song #3 “Teach Your Children” – (Graham Nash) A duet with Terry Doell with Dave O’Leyar on bass guitar.

Song #4 “The Penguin’s Tuxedo” – (Robert Conway) Animal furs look better on the original owners than on humans.

Song #5 “Simple Gifts” – (Joseph Brackett) A Shaker’s song that encourages us all to check in with ourselves regularly to evaluate what we are promoting in our lives.

Song #6 “There’s Love Around the Corner” – (Unknown) A hopeful song that predicts if we seek it, one day we will find “love around the corner.”

Song #7 “Vincent” – (Don McLean) A song inspired by Van Gogh.

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