Music Show #62 – 9/1/2017 – The Universal Voice

The energy that drives us all to evolve has inspirited these songs.

Song #1 The Sound Within Your Heart” – If we can hear the song within our heart, she might well set us free.

Song #2 “Quietly” – Sometimes a Fresh Toone has come to me as the result of being quietly struck by an energy that gently goads me to sing along with her.

Song #3 “She’s Calling You” – A distant voice that is constantly calling us and when we’re in tune with the universal voice then we can clearly hear her counsel.

Song #4 “Flying” – When we’re flying and following the instincts that nature has given us we can be assured in the quest to know our love.

Song #5 “As I Look” – “As I look the more I see that we can come to know our love.”

Song #6 “Back to Your Heart” – Sometimes when we’ve gone astray we need to find our way back home.

Song #7 “Someday” – Perhaps “someday” is with us right now, because as we pursue our search for love we are showing love for ourselves.

Song #8 “You’ve Always Got the Song” – If we can continue to keep love in our hearts and sing along we’ll always have the song.

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