Music Show #53 – 6/30/2017 – A No Theme Song Week

A variety of songs that I haven’t played in the first year of the Fresh Toones Music Show.

Song #1 I Don’t to Know What Else to Say – A happy, upbeat song.

Song #2 “Seize the Moment” – A positive song that gives us hope for the future.

Song #3 “When the Walls Fall” – A song that celebrates the falling of unjust social barriers. Whether it be the day that women won the right to vote or when the civil right acts were signed in the 60’s or when the Berlin Wall fell there are many walls that have collapsed and still more to take down.

Song #4 “The Old One/Two Step Trot” – A bouncy song about the slow process of humankind’s growth.

Song #5 “It’s Not the End of the World” – Even if we’re picked on, mocked out, flipped off or laughed at, it’s not the end of the world.

Song #6 “My Sister’s Got Perfect Pitch” – There is more to life than having perfect pitch or being the smartest or being the most beautiful person. It is only a short time before those who praised you for these attributes will be tearing you apart for any shortcomings in your life. Sing your songs in whatever key (or out of key) that you sing and they will be the most beautiful life fulfilling energy that you will ever know.

Song #7 “I Guess School Never Ends” – Our lives are simply one lifelong class taken to learn how to become one’s self.  Life 101.

Song #8 “Forever Young” – A reminder for us all to keep our youthful essence viable throughout our lives.

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