Music Show #52 – 6/23/2017 – Personal Favorites

Some of my favorite Fresh Toones.

Song #1 You Can Do It – A short uplifting music video with a positive message for all.

Song #2 “We Won’t Be Here Forever” – A bouncy upbeat song about how that’s not really what it’s all about. To be able to live in this very moment would be the greatest gift that we could give to ourselves and to those around us. Tick.

Song #3 “I Still Believe It’s True” – A hopeful song about restoring a love that seems to be have become forgotten.

Song #4 “Who You Are – A fun, upbeat song that encourages us to realize that the song that we write for ourselves and then sing will allow us to live more fulfilled lives.

Song #5 “Stand Up (and Be Your Love)” – A song that calls for a renewed effort by us to stand up and share our love.  Perhaps, by doing so, we can bring about some changes to make this world a  little better for everyone.

Song #6 “Find Your Love” – A comforting friendship song that gives us reassurance when hopelessness has overwhelmed our love.

Song #7 “It’s All Inside of You” – What we are really looking for is in us to begin with and it is the lifetime process of seeking that will unveil it one day.

Song #8 “The Happy Re-Birthday Song” – Sometimes other things, like friendships, can be more important than how often one sees the sun.

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