Music Show #51 – 6/16/2017 – Friends and Family Favorites

After almost one year of being on the air, I’ve put together some of my friend’s and family’s favorite Fresh Toones.

Song #1 Stay True – A simple song about staying true to one’s self.

Song #2 “Don’t You Lose Your Love” – On those days when we’re feeling beaten down by things we need remember to not to lose our love. “It’s our life’s very breath and without her we know what’s left.”

Song #3 “Life’s an Adventure” – “Oh, yes it is. Give back what you can give.”

Song #4 “Thank You – A thank you song for all the folks who have helped me throughout my life.

Song #5 “Come on and Sing Again” – The Song may become lost in these busy lives that we live, but it’s up to us to listen for the Song that beckons us to “come on and sing again.”

Song #6 “The Touch of Fall” – As our hair turns gray and the green leaves turn to rust let us remember somehow to see beauty in the whole process.

Song #7 “Someday We’ll See the Light” – It’s not so much that Someday is a particular day on which we will all of a sudden discover our love, but Someday is everyday that we seek out and then share our love.

Song #8 “It’s Treat to See the Sun in Rochester” – Sometimes other things, like friendships, can be more important than how often one sees the sun.

Song #9 “Can’t Take Today Away from Me” – “Can’t steal the love that’s inside of me…  Can’t hush the song that I hear.”

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