Music Show #48 – 5/26/2017 – Springtime Planting Songs

Songs to enjoy as we plant the seeds of our life.

Song #1 Garden Song – (by David Mallett ) – A joyful song for your seed planting projects.

Song #2 “Plant Those Seeds with Love” – A song that encourages us all to invest our love in the seeds (our endeavors) that we plant each and every day of our lives.

Song #3 “Will Grow with Love” – The solution to many challenges sits quietly within us. If we are able to visualize what is possible then we might very well be able to one day spread our wings and obtain it.

Song #4 It’s Lovely Day” – “Lift yourself… Lift someone… It’s lovely day.”

Song #5 “Let Your Love Be You” – “Don’t you know that the love within you can bring the barest land to bloom.”

Song #6 “Learning Tree” – A children’s song about how much fun it is to climb the learning tree.

Song #7 “Yacouba – The Village Fool” – This is an environmental song about how important it is sometimes to look at things differently so we can find new solutions. Yacouba Sawadogo did just that and he helped to hold back the desert from taking his farm and those of his neighbors.

Song #8 It’s All Inside of You” – “It’s all inside of you, but it’s more than only you.”

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