Music Show #46 – 5/10 & 5/12/2017 – Enjoying Nature and Staying Healthy

Upbeat healthy songs that savor the beauty of nature.

Song #1 I Enjoy Riding My Bike – A fun bike riding song.

Song #2 “Observe the Tides” – A song that encourages us to take some time to listen to the waves and observe the tide in an attempt to become immersed in the rhythm of nature.

Song #3 “The Good for You Song” – A healthy reminder for us to strive to do what’s good for ourselves.

Song #4 Nature’s Been Good to Me So Far” – An appreciation song for nature’s gifts.

Song #5 “Leda” – This song was inspired by a painting that I did of “Leda and the Swan.” In the process of painting I delved into my relationship with Leda i.e. Gaia/Mother Earth.

Song #6 “The Healthy Eat Right Song” – A fun sing-a-long song that encourages us all in our weight loss efforts.

Song #7 “Will Grow With Love” –If we are able to visualize what is possible then we might very well be able to one day spread our wings and obtain it.

Song #8 “Here Comes the Sun” – (George Harrison)  A celebratory song for the return of more hopeful times.

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