Music Show #35 – 2/22/ & 2/24/2017 – Vices

Songs about harmful habits and personal failings.  (A link for those songs that have YouTube music videos has been added.)

Song #1 If I Could Only – A humorous look back at some youthful hopes and dreams. In the end this bouncy song tries to leave the audience hopeful for the future.

Song #2 “Talk” – Sometimes we can get to the point where we talk so much we become incapable of even listening.  “A little more thought… A little less talk …Might allow our ears to hear.”

Song #3 “How Much Money?” – A simple question that all of us should ask ourselves. Just how much money do we need to be happy?

Song #4 Life is Strange Enough” – Life is already strange enough without pushing our minds into other realms of distortion. The drug laws in regards to marijuana must be revised, but at the same time responsible use needs to be emphasized.

Song #5 “Don’t Wanna Be No Superstar” – I guess when I sing “I don’t wanna live that lie… I just wanna live my life” I’ve stated quite clearly what this song is about.

Song #6 “Grave Digging” – Sometimes we can dig a hole for ourselves by going down a path that we had pretty clear indications that it wasn’t going to be a good choice.

Song #7 Greed” – A song that simply cautions us to be aware of the overpowering characteristics of greed.

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