Music Show #34 – 2/15/ & 2/17/2017 – Film Festival Songs

My songs used in music videos that have been screened in film festivals around the world.  (A link for those songs that have YouTube music videos has been added.)

Song #1 Ridin’ This Train – This song was written for a film about my experiences of growing up and living in the USA. The events in my life are re-examined on a surrealistic train trip across the country and through U.S. history.

Song #2 “Hate Preachers” – Hate preachers for too long have been fostering hate crimes. Reasonable people must stand up and show that they are not intimidated by their bullying or we will find ourselves living in a world of their making.

Song #3 “Oh, Malala” – A song about a brave young woman named, Malala.  She spoke up and reminded us all about the injustices that girls around the world have to encounter every day.

Song #4 Thanks to the Whistle-blowers” – A special appreciation for the efforts and risks assumed by those individuals best known as whistle-blowers. We owe much to these individuals for revealing problems previously hidden from of us.

Song #5 “True Believer” – This song was written for a stop motion animated short. In the film the alarm is sounded to beware of the “True Believer.”

Song #6 “Yacouba – The Village Fool” – A song written for an environmental video about how important it is sometimes to look at things differently so we can find new solutions.

Song #7 Sharks in the Water” – A disconcerting look at the corporate corruption and political collaboration that plague the United States.

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