Music Show #33 – 2/8/ & 2/11/2017 – Help Songs

Songs about asking for help or reaching out to help others.  (A link for those songs that have YouTube music videos has been added.)

Song #1 Help Us – A song that asks for assistance in our efforts to be all that we can be.

Song #2 “I Want It” – If we can seek out and work at what we want most in our lives we can obtain it.

Song #3 “Help Wanted” – A spoof song about Sheldon, a self confident young man who manages to bungle every job that he gets hired for in the most humorous ways.

Song #4 Let Me See” – Encouraging my listener to not be afraid to express their emotions so I might better understand and offer support in their time of need.

Song #5 “Help Us Every Day” – “Help us on those days when we might turn away… Help us every day.”

Song #6 “Just Do What You Can “ – The hand that we reach out with love, will be the one that in return will give us peace of mind.

Song #7 Summer Soltice” – “Like a bird on the wing, it’s love that lifts me when I sing.”

Song #8 Help Us to Know What Love Is” – As much as some people strive to be billionaires or kings of the world, in the end I think we’re most fulfilled when we become in tune with our love.

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