Music Show #32 – 2/1/ & 2/3/2017 – Rockin’ Fresh Toones

There may be debate whether these songs fit in the category of rock, but they’re as rockin’ as I get. (A link for those songs that have YouTube music videos has been added.)

Song #1 Cold, Cold, Cold – On some days you find yourself in such a cold environment that no matter how hard you try you just can’t get yourself warm. This is a song about one such day.

Song #2 “Give’m What They Want” – The lavish luxuries of life are just pacifiers that keep us from getting up and utilizing the energy that comes from the love within. Let us work towards feeding off this resource that gives us so much more than material possessions.

Song #3 “I Was Lazy” –When I was too lazy to do the work required to seek out a more fulfilling love than one that just fed on my worldly needs.

Song #4 We’re So Civilized” – We may think that we’re so civilized, but there are many deficits that need to be addressed.

Song #5 “Until This Planet’s Green” – “We won’t let this planet die in the hands of greed… We will help you until this planet’s green.”

Song #6 “Do I Sing or Do I Die?” – At some point in every one’s life they are confronted with this question. It’s then that we have to choose if we’re going to find our voice and sing or shrivel up and die.

Song #7 Back to Your Heart” – Occasionally, throughout our lives we may need to rediscover our voice and then get back to the core of who we are.

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