Music Show #20 – 11/9/ & 11/11/2016 – Meditative Love Songs.

In times of great turmoil or sadness it has certainly helped me to take a big breath and then redirect myself into meditative love songs like these.

Song #1 Om Namah Shivaya – A meditative song of love that calls on a powerful healing mantra which is beneficial for many physical and mental ailments.

Song #2 “I Need to Rest My Mind” – A song that reminds us that sometimes we need to take a big breath and rest our minds. If we want to be all that we can be we’ll need to regularly rejuvenate our energies and then get back up on the path to become whom we aspire to be.

Song #3 “Open Up Your Heart” – A “pep” song that encourages us all to simply “open up our hearts and to let some love come in.”

Song #4 “To Aspire is to Arrive” – We’ll be aspiring all of our lives. If we can realize that as long as we keep aspiring to become then in those efforts we are already succeeding.

Song #5 “When?” – With all the turmoil that often confronts a young 19 year old it’s not uncommon for them to ask questions like “When will things ever improve?” This was the third song I ever wrote back in 1971 and it still keeps those days vivid in my mind.

Song #6 “Think Again” – When pessimism overwhelms us and our lives feel worthless, perhaps we should “think again” and decide if this is what we want our lives here to reflect.

Song #7 “Free Us” – A positive song about our quest to be free from the distractions that prevent us from realizing our love and thus from contributing to the larger force that underlies everything.

Song #8 “It’s All Inside of You” – The love we are searching for is in us to begin with. It is still a process to unveil it, but we can be reassured that as we come to know ourselves more clearly some peace will come to us and then naturally will be reflected in our lives.

Underwriter of The Fresh Toones Music Show

Underwriter of The Fresh Toones Music Show

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