Music Show #19 – 11/2/ & 11/9/2016 – Election Time Wrap Up.

The end is in sight… Hopefully, just this election season.

Song #1 Mr. Tangerine Man – A parody with Donald Trump as “Mr. Tangerine Man.” Written by Jack Jones, John and Carol Dady  and performed by The Dady Brothers. It humorously explores the offensive life and repulsive comments of the most unqualified person to ever run for the President of the United States.

Song #2 “Have You Heard the Absurd” – A song that asks us all to decide how we will respond to politicians that make demagogic statements.  It’s easy for us to look in hindsight and see some of the bad decisions that were made in the past, but now it’s our time to say if we will support or discourage such behavior from prevailing.

Song #3 “That Joke’s Got to Go” – The exorbitant amount money needed to run for political office has spun out of control and now the unlimited contributions by the oligarchic class can call the shots instead of the people. This song prods us to find some way to end this joke we refer to as democracy.

Song #4 “Super PACs – How Dumb Do You Think We Are ” – The Super PAC sing-a-long song. The Supreme Court is jeopardizing our democracy and it is up to us as citizens to stand up and raise our voices.

Song #5 “Show Us the Money” – If we can know the source of the largest campaign money, i.e. bribes, before election day, then the American people can use that information in making their decisions. We’ve got to demand to know the source of the money that run these anonymous “Super PACs” or bribery machines that are destroying our “government of the people, by the people, for the people.”

Song #6 “Shady Cash” – A bouncy upbeat sing-a-long chorus about the influence that dark money plays in our politics. If we don’t put up a fight to control it we will lose our voice in the government.

Song #7 “If There’s a Will, There is a Way” – If we work together we can make things safer for both the citizens and the police. We can sort this issue out. It all depends on if we have the will to do so. We’ve faced harder things in the past so it’s up to us if we want to address this challenge together.

Underwriter of The Fresh Toones Music Show

Underwriter of The Fresh Toones Music Show

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