Music Show #18 – 10/12/ & 10/14/2016 – End of Life.

Things to think about as we approach the end of our lives.

Song #1 We Won’t Be Here Forever – A bouncy upbeat song about realizing that to be able to live fully in this very moment is to give the greatest gift that we can to ourselves and to those around us. Tick.

Song #2 “What You See is What You Get” – Or on this radio show it’s what you hear is what you get.

Song #3 “One Last Song” – A song that asks us if we had one last song to sing, what would we choose to sing.

Song #4 “Before You Know It” – Time flies so be sure to let those people that you love know it and it’s better sooner than later.

Song #5 “The Leaf Must Fall” – The leaf must fall to feed the next growth that will rise up.

Song #6 “At the End Day” – What will we say at the end of our time here?

Song #7 “May You Rest in Peace” – A memorial song for someone that has throughout their life shared their love.

Song #8 “Before I Pack My Bags” – A departure song.

Underwriter of The Fresh Toones Music Show

Underwriter of The Fresh Toones Music Show

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