Music Show #165 –8/23/2019 – My Mom’s 100th Birthday Celebration Show

A show dedicated to my mom, Kathryn Puls, on her 100th birthday.

Song #1 “When Love is All You’ve Got” – An upbeat song written for a documentary that I made about my mother’s life called “Girl of the Finger Lakes.”

Song #2 “Thank You” – A thank you song for all the folks who have helped me in my life.

Song #3 “Om Namah Shivaya” A bouncy meditative song of love.

Song #4 “Simple Twist of Fate” – (Bob Dylan) – A song my mom always liked to hear when she’d come out to the coffeehouses to hear me.

Song #5 “Teach Your Children” – (Graham Nash)

Song #6 “This Little Light of Mine” – (Harry Dixon Loes) A gospel song written for children in the 1920s. My mom knew it well from teaching Sunday School.

Song #7 “I Love You (the Anniversary Song)” – A song I wrote for my Dad and Mom’s 60th wedding anniversary.


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