Music Show #16 – 10/26/ & 10/28/2016 – Happy, Joyful Songs.

Let us all try to live and sing with all the love that we hold inside.

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Song #1 Don’t You Lose Love – “It’s you lives’ very breath. Without her you know what’s left.”

Song #2 “Can’t Take Today Away From Me” – “Can’t steal the love that’s inside of me…  Can’t hush the song that I hear.”

Song #3 “Life’s an Adventure” – Sometimes we think that the direction that we are headed in will preclude where we will end up. It doesn’t always turn out that way.

Song #4 “What a Day” – A song about one of those days, “when it’s all so pure… it takes you away.”

Song #5 “Oh, What a Joy” – A joyful song that expresses my appreciation for all the good people that surround me.

Song #6 “Enough” – A happy, bouncy song ironically about those days when you feel like you’ve had enough.

Song #7 “Just as Happy as I’ve Ever Been” – One those days when you realize just how happy you are and want to express it in song.

Song #8 “The Happy Re-Birthday Song” – A happy birthday wish for us to take a moment on our special day to reflect on our past year and then to re-empower our most positive energies for the new year ahead.

Underwriter of The Fresh Toones Music Show

Underwriter of The Fresh Toones Music Show

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