Music Show #156 –6/21/19 – Fresh Toones Show 3rd Anniversary

A show to celebrate the third year of being on air at Rochester Free Radio.

Song #1 “No Big Words Here”– A soothing, peaceful song that invites a little calm into our lives.

Song #2 “God Bless Us All” – A song I wrote shortly after 9/11 in an attempt to clear my thinking so I might get back to focusing on sharing my love.

Song #3 “Someday” – It’s not so much that Someday is a particular day on which we will all of a sudden discover our love, but Someday is everyday that we seek out and then share our love.

Song #4 “I Can’t Stop Looking” – Without knowing our love not much else seems worth it all so we can’t stop looking.

Song #5 “Part of You” – We are part of much more than we often think we are.

Song #6 “Enough” – A song written for one of those days when you’re feeling like you’ve had enough.

Song #7 “Just Another Rainy Day” – A rainy day song.

Song #8 “Endless Song” – A mellow reminder that “you know it’ll all come out alright” and that “love will always find a way … it’s just an ‘Endless Song.’”

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