Music Show #151 –5/17/2019 – Inspirational Lives: Episode 9 – Dalai Lama

A series dedicated to individuals who have lived inspirational lives.

Song #1 “Take a Walk Through Tibet” – If things should become overwhelming take a peaceful walk with the Dalai Lama through Tibet.

Song #2 “The Road to the Top Isn’t Paved” – Through our sincere loving efforts to make it to the top we can one day obtain our greatest heights and become the love that we have always been in search of.

Song#3 “The Big Love” When we realize a love that is bigger than a romantic love or parental or child’s love we are closer to the BIG LOVE that pulsates through the universe.

Song #4 “There’s Really Know Secret” – Take your mind to the marketplace of ideas, but be careful in what you buy.

Song #5 “Keep Your Eyes on It” – Keep your eyes on the love you want to become.

Song #6 “Do You Know Where Your Love Is?” – A mellow laidback song that simply asks the question “Do you know where your love is?”

Song #7 “Om Namah Shivaya” – A lighthearted, meditative song that reminds that sometimes “the simpler the better.”

Song #8 “Only a Song” – “Love is only song… Whistling through your heart.”

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