Music Show #15 – 10/5/ & 10/7/2016 – Songs of Personal Struggle.

We all confront some challenges in our lives and these songs were written in an attempt to renew a sense of hope during these times of turmoil.

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Song #1  Who Would Ever Think? – A few words from the song. “You must keep on trying when the naysayers say ‘Nay.’  You must share your true love before you leave.”

Song #2 “The Road to the Top” – Through our sincere efforts to rise above the negativity that surrounds us we can one day become the love that we have always been in search of.

Song #3 “It’s Been a Long Hard Day” – If you’ve ever had a long hard day, this song might well reflect some of that experience.

Song #4 “Hold On” –  A song about a rough sea voyage that is analogous to times in our lives that are especially hard.

Song #5 “Turn Around” – If at anytime we feel like we’ve lost our way we can always turnaround and choose another road to go down.

Song #6 “I Was Lazy”  – A song that I wrote when I had gotten off track. I was being lazy and I was straying away from the path that I knew I should follow.

Song #7 “O’ That Dark Night” –  A song about one of those depressing dark nights that you think you just can’t survive, but by the end reveals some life sustaining light.

Song #8 “Come On and Sing Again” – A bouncy, uplifting song that reminds us to come back and sing again even when things seem their bleakest.

Underwriter of The Fresh Toones Music Show

Underwriter of The Fresh Toones Music Show

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