Music Show #145 –4/5/2019 – Telling Our Stories – Part 19: “The “Good Boy’s” Sacrifice”

Another show in a series dedicated to encouraging us all to share our stories.

This month’s story: The “Good Boy’s” Sacrifice”– Sometimes our just rewards are not always what we might have hoped for.

Song #1 “Take Us to Heaven” – A congregational plea for the afterlife.

Song #2 “Could You Be My Religion” – A faithful proposal for any number of new and improved products to be the life savers that they advertised being.

Song #3 “I Hope I Turn the Right Way” – There will come a day when our love taps us on the shoulder and we’ll turn to realize that it’s what we have been searching for our whole lives.

Song #4 “We’re Looking” – We may be distracted for a long time with the pursuit of many other things, but in the end we are really trying to come to understand our love.

Song #5 “If You Believe” (George Harrison)

Song #6 “This Little Light of Mine” (Harry Dixon Loes)

Song #7 “Everybody Needs Something to Believe” – This song is not about everybody needing to go out and pick a religion, but more importantly it’s about holding our beliefs up to the light and examining them.


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