Music Show #138 –2/15/19 – Romantic Fresh Toones

Post Valentine’s Day songs.

Song #1 “I’d Love to Share in Love with You”– A romantic love song that fostered a fulfilling partnership that has lasted since 1982.

Song #2 “Don’t You Know that I Love You?” – Simply a love song.

Song #3 “I Think I Love You” – An ambivalent start to a song that in the end declaratively states that “I love you.”

Song #4 “Why You Do It?” A common relationship question.

Song #5 “I’d Like to Look Into Your Eyes” – “And see all the things that hide you from me.”

Song #6 “I’m With You” – A musical tribute to my partner for the last 36 years, which shares some of our life experiences together.

Song #7 “Where You Are” – A wishful song about being with someone you love.

Song #8 “Here, There and Everywhere” – (Lennon / McCartney) A cover of the Beatle’s song.

Song #9 “I Love You (The Wedding Anniversary Song)” – A song I wrote for my parents’ 60th wedding anniversary.


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