Music Show #132 –1/4/2019 – Telling Our Stories – Part 16: Splishing and Splashing My Way to Aqua-phobia

Another show in a series dedicated to encouraging us all to share our stories.

This month’s story:  Splishing and Splashing My Way to Aqua-phobia “ – A story about how a young boy’s early plunge into water over his head stayed with him for a life time.

Song #1 “Things Will Be Better Soon “ – A song that reminds us that if we’re always waiting for things to get better soon we might miss much of what life’s about.

Song #2 “Hanging By a Thread” – Some days we might feel like we’re barely able to hang on, but this song encourages us to keep “swaying with the wind” and hanging on.

Song #3 “Life’s the River, Love’s the Sea” – A song about the joyous moment when life and music just flow along in time.

Song #4 “We’re Not in High School Anymore” – The sudden awakening to the fact that a lot of older people are acting much like they did in high school and that there is a need for it to be addressed in song form.

Song #5 What a DayA day when you realize that you can lift your voice and sing your own song.

Song #6 Tell Me Your StoryTelling our story is important so we can learn and evolve from what we have to share. We all need to contribute, however we can, to our human evolution and although unbelievably slow it will continue to grow with each generation.

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