Music Show #13 – 9/21/ & 9/23/2016 – Taking a Critical Look.

Taking a look at things that were done in America’s past that we need to take ownership of and then work towards correcting.

Music Show #13 at

Song #1 “No Excuses” –Let’s stop making excuses and begin to paint America with a kinder face from here on out.

Song #2 “We’re So Civilized” – Often we think that we’re so civilized compared with other parts of the world. Perhaps, we should look more closely at some of our behavior.

Song #3 “Sad Day at Wounded Knee” – The story of the Wounded Knee Massacre and how we need to right this abhorrent wrong.

Song #4 “Give’m What They Want” – Get what you really want and don’t let them feed you with the often needless merchandise that is being pushed on us every day.

Song #5 “I Know Some People” – Sometimes people who once were down to earth lose their authenticity by pursuing endeavors that demand them to be someone other than themselves.

Song #6 “They Have No Home”  – A friend of mine has been working with many of the homeless in Rochester, New York. To be supportive of his and other’s efforts I shared this song to try and bring more attention to their needs.

Song #7 “I Wish I Could Say It” – A son asks his parents why more wasn’t done to try and limit the human behavior that was contributing to the destruction of our planet.

Song #8 “What Is It Worth?” – In the end, how much is it worth if you just end up selling yourself to the highest bidder?

Underwriter of The Fresh Toones Music Show

Underwriter of The Fresh Toones Music Show

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