Music Show #126 – 11/23/18 – A Joyful Thanksgiving

Joyful songs for a Happy Thanksgiving.

Song #1 “Oh, What a Joy”– A song about those moments when we truly appreciate all the blessings in our lives.

Song #2 “I Can See” – A song about the joy of discovering all the love that surrounds us.

Song #3 “Can’t Take Today Away From Me” – “Can’t send this smile away… Can’t hush the song that I hear.”

Song #4 “Give My Love To” – Give me the strength to find ways to better understand my love and then how I can share it.

Song #5 “It’s a Lovely Day” – A laid back lovely day song.

Song #6 “We Won’t Be Here Forever” – A bouncy upbeat song about how we won’t be here forever and how that’s not really what it’s all about. To be able to live in this very moment would be the greatest gift that we could give to ourselves and to those around us. Tick.

Song #7 “Our Love Will Give Us Love” – This song asks the question. Is it possible that as we give our love we are also creating a reserve of love that we can call upon in the future?

Song #8 “Just as Happy as I’ve Ever Been” – A happy song for a joyful Thanksgiving Day.

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