Music Show #124 –11/9/2018 – Inspirational Lives: Episode 2 – Frederick Douglass and the Women Who Fostered an American Hero

A series dedicated to individuals who have lived inspirational lives.

This show starts out with the life story of Frederick Douglass, which was narrated by high school students for an animated video.

Song #1 “Wade Water” – Traditional spiritual sung by Kim and Reggie Harris.

Song #2 “This Little Light Mine” – Traditional song.

Song #3 “Keep Your Eyes on It” – A song reminding us to keep our eyes on the love we want to become.

Song #4 We’ve Got a Long Ways to GoThere may still be a long ways to go, but we know that we’re going to keep on trying to make things better. We also know that maintaining that effort is the healthiest and most rewarding thing that we can do.

Song #5 “Do I Sing or Do I Die?” – It’s a question that we all have to confront at some time in our lives. How we answer it will determine our very existence.

Song #6 “Thanks to the Folks” – A song that expresses an appreciation for the folks who led the battles for social justice. What they endured should never be forgotten so “let us thank them every day.”

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