Music Show #117 – 9/21/18 – Hold on to your love.

Songs that remind us that through the challenges in our lives we need to find ways to hold on to our love.

Song #1 “Hold On”– A narrative song that takes us on a rough sea voyage that requires the navigator find some way to hold on through the storm.

Song #2 “You’ll Need Your Love Tomorrow” – We mustn’t let our anger devour the love we want to be.

Song #3 “You Can Do It” – An uplifting song that assures us that if we can stay in touch with and listen to the guiding voice inside we can survive the challenges that confront us.

Song #4 “Don’t You Cry Now” – A Fresh Toone from a recording of a 1980’s radio show.

Song #5 “Don’t You Lose Your Love” – “It’s your life’s very breath. Without her you know what’s left.”

Song #6 “You’ve Always Got the Song” – If we can discover what our Song is we’ll always have it in our hearts to call upon.

Song #7 “It’s Only a Song” – “Love is only a song whistling through your heart like the wind in the dark. If you do not listen you will not hear.”

Song #8 “Come on Sing Again” – Sometimes when we’d be the least likely to want to sing we need to find our voice and sing once again.

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