Music Show #104 – 6/22/2018 The 2 Year Anniversary of the Show

A show that celebrates the 2 year anniversary by playing some of my favorite Fresh Toones.

Song #1 “You Can Do It” – An uplifting song that tries to assure us that we can make it through the trials that confront us.

Song #2 “Sharks in the Water” – A disconcerting look at the corporate corruption and political collaboration that plague the United States.

Song #3 “Just Another Season” – A love song as recorded on a radio show in 1982.

Song #4 “Find Your Love” – A mellow song that expresses a passion for our efforts to search for love.

Song #5 “The Learning Tree” – A kid’s sing-a-long song about how much fun learning can be.

Song #6 “If There’s a Will, There Is a Way” – A song about recognizing the injustices that we need to work together to correct.

Song #7 “We Won’t Be Here Forever” – A bouncy upbeat song about how being here forever is not what it’s all about. To be able to live in this very moment would be the greatest gift that we can give to ourselves and to those around us.

Song #8 “You’ve Got a Song” – A simple song that stresses the necessity for each of us to sing our part in the great choir that rings out every day in the universe.

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